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Lynn Picken (25.6.19)

Thank you so much for your support over the past months. Your dance classes have helped to boost my confidence and self worth during a difficult period in my life.

My weight was out of control and really getting me down… slowly but surely, dance class has helped me to lose over a stone in weight. At the start I was unsure if I could even dance or move at all, now I look forward to class every week and no matter how low my mood may be, I always come out feeling brighter.

The positivity created by dance class has encouraged and supported me to become more active in other ways: walking, healthy eating and setting small achievable lifestyle and personal goals.

Good Job!

Pauline Barnes (22.5.18)

II have been doing Chorus Line Fitness since Louise started. It is good exercise and good for balance and “brain training”. But more than anything, it is good fun and I love it.

Thanks Louise.

Dawn Hill (12.4.18)

Louise has managed to create fun exercising. I’ve only done 2 terms so far, but I think Louise puts together a good combination of easy and difficult steps into a routine that makes you feel like you’re a real dancer. She’s very patient and always pleasant.

It’s really worth trying it ladies!

Melanie Pollard (30.3.18)

I started with Chorus Line last term and absolutely love it. I always leave with a smile on my face. at the start of term it seems pretty daunting, the thought of learning a whole dance routine (especially if like me you’ve never really danced before) but Louise, the teacher, is brilliant….she is very patient and always asks if there are any bits you are unsure of before moving on. It’s a great way of getting exercise and after a few weeks I have noticed a difference in my flexibility and fitness level.

It’s such a fun class – dancing to show tunes from different periods….just brilliant for musical theatre obsessives like me!